handshake.png     Sales: At Bell Electronics we are committed to the sale long after the transaction is complete. If you are having technical issues with equipment or have hardware that is malfunctioning, we will do our best to provide solutions from ourselves and our vendors.

Rack Builds and Wiring:Purchasing racks and rack mounted equipment from Bell Electronics is made easy by our free Rack Assembly service. By request, we will take rack components and mount them in one our Middle Atlantic, Raxxess, or Atlas Racks. After mounting, we will route and organize all existing wiring to provide a clean and open service area in the rear of the rack. Once the rack is complete, we will package for shipping and have it delivered or have it made available for our Will Call service. rack.png

mappings.png     Sound Design: Sound Distribution can often leave people feeling out of their depth. Let our sound design professional help you understand the numbers and match you with the equipment and pattern that is best suited for the job. This will maximize the sound you are able to provide your customer without having the waste of an inefficient system.

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